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Qualities to Consider When Picking a Plastic Surgeon

Written by Dr. Joyesh Raj on Sun 03/28/2021
Plastic surgeon in Cleveland

When selecting a plastic surgeon for your chosen cosmetic procedure, there are many factors to consider. As you can imagine, education, training and board-certification in plastic surgery are non-negotiables. Experience in your desired procedure is also essential — a surgeon who performs your desired procedure on a regular basis can give you the most realistic Read More →

Factors That Affect Healing After Plastic Surgery

Written by Dr. Joyesh Raj on Fri 01/29/2021
Plastic surgery in Cleveland

Some of the most commonly asked questions Dr. Joyesh Raj receives are about recovery times after plastic surgery. Forecasting recovery times can be tricky, as recovery is highly individualized. The type of procedure performed affects how long it takes to recover from surgery. There are also other more personal factors that can affect recovery times.

More Baby Boomers Seeking Cosmetic Treatment

Written by Dr. Joyesh Raj on Sat 11/23/2019
Cosmetic Treatments

According to data from the country’s foremost plastic surgeons, a rising number of baby boomers are seeking plastic surgery and non-surgical cosmetic treatments to look like the best version of themselves. Statistics released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reveal that adults aged 55 or older underwent approximately 50,000 more cosmetic procedures in 2018 Read More →

Best Sleep Positions after Plastic Surgery

Written by Dr. Joyesh Raj on Wed 06/26/2019
Best Sleep Positions after Plastic Surgery

A lot of your plastic surgery recovery will be spent resting and napping, and it’s important to understand that you might need to modify your normal sleep position after your surgery. Sleeping in the right position ensures your body heals optimally and you achieve the best possible result from your surgery. It can also prevent Read More →

How to Find the Best Plastic Surgeon for Your Needs

Written by Dr. Joyesh Raj on Sat 04/27/2019
Finding the best Plastic Surgeon

One of the most important decisions you will make about plastic surgery is selecting your surgeon. There is a lot at stake: your appearance, safety and well-being all depend on the qualifications and experience of your surgeon. In this post, Dr. Joyesh Raj shares his best tips for finding the best plastic surgeon to handle Read More →

Tips for Reading Plastic Surgery Reviews

Written by Dr. Joyesh Raj on Tue 02/26/2019

If you have decided to have plastic surgery, one of the resources that you might use to find a qualified surgeon is patient reviews published on websites like Yelp, RealSelf and Google. Dr. Joyesh Raj encourages you to use caution when reading through online reviews. Read on as he shares his best tips for properly Read More →

Why Board Certification Matters

Written by Dr. Joyesh Raj on Thu 10/25/2018

Legally, any licensed physician can claim to be a cosmetic or plastic surgeon, even if they have not undergone specialized training in the field. The only way to guarantee that your doctor is uniquely trained in plastic surgery is to verify that he is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Below, board certified Read More →

Latest Plastic Surgery Trends and Statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons

Written by Dr. Joyesh Raj on Wed 08/16/2017
Latest plastic surgery trends

More people are having plastic surgery, according to the latest report from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). The annual report revealed that Americans spent more than $16 billion on surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures in 2016, the most ever. Westlake plastic surgeon Dr. Joyesh Raj shares other interesting statistics as well as the Read More →

Millennials Explain Why They Had Plastic Surgery

Written by Dr. Joyesh Raj on Mon 07/17/2017
Why millennials seek plastic surgery

Recent statistics show that millennials (adults in their 20s and early 30s) represent a significant number of all plastic surgery patients. This growing trend is one that plastic surgeon Dr. Joyesh Raj has seen in his own Cleveland practice. Here, the esteemed plastic surgeon shares some of the reasons why millennials seek plastic surgery.