Dr. Raj Patient Reviews

“Never thought this was possible – me in a 2 piece was laughable a year ago. Please share with Dr. Raj and (with tears in my eyes) tell him I said thank you again. No more hiding under cover ups when I go to the pool.”  A.D.

“Thank you for making this difficult step in my life easier for me. Everyone has been so professional, kind and caring.” L.B

“Thank you for fixing my ears. Now no one in school will make fun of me.” S.S.

“How artistic you are as a surgeon.” G.P.

“You have the best team in the world.” T. M.

“Thank you for keeping us young and beautiful.” G.L.G.

“You are a team of consistently functioning at the top of your game. Your expertise, compassion and clinical judgment are head and shoulders above the rest. I felt confident and relaxed in your hands. You care about a job well done and it shows, besides you guys are a whole lot of fun!” G.V.

“Words cannot say enough. I love my body. I have never felt so confident about myself.” J.L.

“I just wanted to say thank you again for the awesome job you did during my surgery. You have no idea how happy I am.“ K.D.

“Your staff is amazing.” D.H.

“I love Dr. Raj, he is always so nice to me and he never makes me feel bad about anything.” J.M.

“Thanks to my Mommy Makeover I’m buying pants two sizes smaller! I love my body again!” T.S.

“You made such a positive impact on my life. My nose always bothered me and you changed it into exactly what I wanted. I knew I could put my trust in you. You and your staff always made me feel so comfortable through my whole experience. I can’t thank you enough.” J.M.

“I am truly impressed by your willingness to go the extra mile, your outstanding surgical skills and your commitment to patient care.” M.W.

“Thank you for taking such good care of our daughter. She has so much confidence now.” I.F.

“You exude eloquence in your profession, your bedside manners are wonderful. Most of all your kind heart and the understanding of how your patient feels.”

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