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Dr. Joyesh Raj has a long history of successful results; however, because of the nature of plastic surgery, there is always a (small) chance of a complication. Breast augmentation is a good example, since it involves the placement of a foreign device into the body. In rare cases, the augmented breasts develop a complication that requires surgical intervention. And, every so often, a patient decides that she is unhappy with the results of her surgery — not because the surgery was performed incorrectly, but because her taste or preferences have changed.

How Dr. Raj Handles Revision Cases

Dr. Raj is proud of his excellent success rate. Some of this can be attributed to his diligence during the pre-operative consultation process. He and his patients extensively discuss the type of results they want, so there are few “surprises” after surgery. However, Dr. Raj also receives referrals for patients of other surgeons that are unhappy with the way their breast augmentation results look and/or feel.

In these cases, Dr. Raj consults with the dissatisfied patient to determine what they don’t like about their current implants (or any complications that have developed). The surgical details of the first breast surgery are also discussed. After identifying the root of the problem, he starts to draft a plan for revision. Dr. Raj carefully explains all of the available options and helps the patient select the best fit for her needs and desired outcomes.

When to Consider Breast Revision

Although every case is unique, generally, breast revision is a good idea if:

  • Your implants have deflated or leaked
  •  You have developed capsular contracture
  •  You are unhappy with your augmented breast size
  •  You want a different implant type
  • Your augmented breasts look different after weight fluctuation, pregnancy or aging

Breast Revision Options

The goal is always to restore an attractive breast contour and appearance. Dr. Raj has a choice in how he can accomplish this.

Replace implant type. Saline implants are swapped out for silicone implants, or vice versa.

Replace implant size. In some cases, the implants initially selected were either too big or too small. They are replaced with a larger or smaller pair, depending on the specific goals and expectations. This strategy usually involves either:

  • enlarging the “pockets” in the natural breast tissue that holds the implants to accommodate a larger pair, or;
  • reducing the pockets to fit a smaller pair

Remove implants altogether. Some women simply do not like the way their breasts look with implants, or develop a serious complication. Dr. Raj removes the implants altogether and, if needed, treats skin that has been stretched out from the implants.

breast-10-compressorCorrect implant malposition. When the implant pockets are initially created too far apart or too close together, the augmented breasts might look distorted. Dr. Raj corrects implant malposition by modifying the implant pockets and relocating them to a more appropriate position.

Correct capsular contracture. Capsular contracture is a breast implant complication in which the “capsule” (i.e., tissue surrounding the implant) and the implant harden. Dr. Raj removes the capsule and implant and places a new implant.

Are You Unhappy with Your Breast Implants?

If you are unhappy with the results of your initial breast augmentation, or have developed a complication, Dr. Raj can help. Contact Raj Plastic Surgery today to schedule a consultation with him and discuss your treatment options.

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