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The Physical and Cosmetic Benefits of Labiaplasty

Written by Dr. Joyesh Raj on Sat 05/18/2024
Labiaplasty in Westlake

Labiaplasty, or labia reduction, is an increasingly popular cosmetic procedure for women who are dissatisfied with the appearance of their vagina. This procedure focuses on the external elements of the genitals and can reduce the size of the labia minora (the inner set of lips) and/or the labia majora (outer set of lips) for a Read More →

3 Reasons Labiaplasty May Be Right for You

Written by Dr. Joyesh Raj on Tue 05/25/2021
Labiaplasty in Cleveland

Labia come in all shapes and sizes. Just because your intimate areas may look different from someone else’s does not mean there is anything wrong with your anatomy. However, sometimes the shape and size of the labia can cause physical and/or psychological troubles. If you are bothered by the appearance or the feel of your Read More →

Frequently Asked Questions About Labiaplasty

Written by Dr. Joyesh Raj on Sat 06/20/2020
Labiaplasty FAQs

An increasing number of women are turning to labiaplasty to treat excess skin and tissue that causes discomfort or noticeable bulging in their external genitalia. However, there is still some mystery surrounding the labiaplasty procedure. Read on as Dr. Joyesh Raj sets the record straight on labiaplasty by answering frequently asked questions.