The Physical and Cosmetic Benefits of Labiaplasty

Submitted by Dr. Joyesh Raj on Sat 05/18/2024 - 09:32
Labiaplasty in Westlake

Labiaplasty, or labia reduction, is an increasingly popular cosmetic procedure for women who are dissatisfied with the appearance of their vagina. This procedure focuses on the external elements of the genitals and can reduce the size of the labia minora (the inner set of lips) and/or the labia majora (outer set of lips) for a more beautiful presentation. Here, Dr. Joyesh Raj, a top plastic surgeon in Westlake and Cleveland, Ohio, describes some of the cosmetic and physical benefits his labiaplasty patients enjoy.

Upgraded Aesthetics

With age, skin all over the body loses elasticity, with the labia being no exception. Loose tissue can make the labia look less tight than it used to. By trimming the excess tissue, Dr. Raj can give women a tighter, neater vagina with a more symmetrical and rejuvenated presentation.

Improved Sex

Many labiaplasty patients report having better sex after their surgery. Because the mental component of sex is so important to feeling sexual pleasure, women often feel sexier and confident after having labiaplasty. They also become more interested in having intimate contact.

In some cases, excess labial tissue has been known to create discomfort during sex because of friction. Downsizing the size of the labia can help to end this pain and make it easier for a partner to reach the clitoris for heightened sexual pleasure.

Tight Clothes Are No Longer a Problem

Women with extra labia tissue are usually unwilling to wear yoga pants, bikinis, or other tight clothing because it can accidentally reveal an unwanted bulge or create uncomfortable chafing. However, after labiaplasty, women usually feel comfortable ditching their loose clothing for something tighter fitting at the gym and the pool.

Less Mess When Urinating

Some doctors recommend labiaplasty to their patients who have difficulty peeing. Unfortunately, enlarged labia can potentially get in the way of the urine stream. Worse still, oversized labia that traps sweat, discharge, and urine can leave women more susceptible to urinary tract infections. By minimizing the labial tissue, many of these problems can be reduced if not eliminated.

Interested in Rejuvenating Your Vagina?

If aging or childbirth has left your labia minora looking different than you would like, you may be a strong candidate for labiaplasty. Dr. Raj approaches this procedure with sensitivity and will ensure that you feel comfortable through every step on your way to feeling more confident about your intimate areas. You may request a consultation online or call 440-808-8030.