Will My Breasts Feel Different After Breast Reduction?

Submitted by Dr. Joyesh Raj on Thu 02/23/2023 - 09:06
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Breast reduction surgery can have a dramatic impact on a woman’s life. It impacts the way she looks and feels. The surgery can even impact her activity level, enabling her to participate in activities that were once too difficult or uncomfortable. It should come as no surprise that with all of these benefits, breast reduction surgery has one of the highest patient satisfaction rates.

If you are considering breast reduction surgery, it is natural to have questions. One of the most common questions that patients ask our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Joyesh Raj, is whether their breasts will feel different after surgery. Here, Dr. Raj discusses how breasts feel after breast reduction surgery.

Bruising, Swelling, and Tenderness

Your breasts will feel different immediately following surgery and as you recover. This is due to the bruising, swelling, and tenderness that will occur after surgery. This discomfort is normal and temporary. Your doctor will discuss your options for managing your pain prior to surgery. You will most likely have the option of taking oral medication to manage the pain.

Size Fluctuation

We all know that the size of the breasts will be reduced following surgery. However, most patients don’t know that the size of their breasts can actually fluctuate as they heal. After surgery, you may be surprised that your breasts feel larger or smaller than anticipated. It is normal for breasts to swell and/or shrink following the procedure. Eventually, the size and shape of the breasts will stabilize.

Changes in Nipple Sensitivity

After breast reduction surgery it is common for nipple sensitivity to change. For some patients this means less nipple sensitivity. For other patients, this means more nipple sensitivity. Changes in nipple sensitivity tend to be impacted by how the surgery is performed.

Smaller and Lighter

The best feeling that you will experience after breast reduction surgery is that your breasts are smaller and lighter. This can be extremely liberating. You may be surprised at how much easier life is with smaller breasts. You may not notice the weight or mass of your breasts as much when you are engaged in physical activity. It may be easier for you to exercise and perform everyday activities like walking or household chores.

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