Why Forehead Lift Is Often Combined with Other Surgeries

Submitted by Dr. Joyesh Raj on Wed 12/20/2023 - 09:52
Forehead lift in Westlake

One of the first areas you are likely to notice signs of aging on your face is on your brow. Loose skin and deep-set lines become more prominent with time and may eventually prompt you to seek cosmetic treatments to rejuvenate your forehead.

Dr. Joyesh Raj, a leading plastic surgeon in Westlake & Cleveland, OH, performs forehead lift for many patients to remove excess skin and fat that make aging more visible, while also slightly elevating the eyebrows. Often, forehead lift is requested in combination with another type of plastic surgery, such as:


Facelift is one of the best-known forms of plastic surgery, but not everyone realizes that its focus is on rejuvenating the lower portion of the face. Dr. Raj can surgically minimize jowls, wrinkles around the mouth, and loose skin on the neck. Those who want to restore fullness to the cheeks can opt for a cheek (or midface) lift. However, to address the top of the face, a separate procedure like brow lift is required. If you want the most dramatic and complete facial transformation possible, it makes sense to target multiple areas on the face.

Eyelid Surgery

With age, your upper eyelids start to sag, no longer opening as completely as they used to. This cosmetic issue can be corrected with upper blepharoplasty, which carefully removes a small amount of skin and fat that weighs down the upper eyelids. It also tightens the eyelid muscles for improved functionality.

While brow lift can also help to remove some weight from the eyelids, eyelid surgery is much more effective for this specific benefit. The two procedures are often combined by patients who want to rejuvenate their upper face more thoroughly. This combination is a good way to make your face look less angry and better rested.  

Other Procedures

While facelift and eyelid surgery are the most popular combinations with forehead lift, you are not limited to these selections. Dr. Raj has also performed brow lift at the same time as rhinoplasty, neck lift, and chin augmentation. Your cosmetic concerns are unique to you, and therefore the right combination depends on your own goals. By scheduling multiple plastic surgery procedures at the same time, you are able to combine the recovery periods and avoid having to take off more days from work and your daily responsibilities.

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