Little-Known Perks of Breast Reduction

Submitted by Dr. Joyesh Raj on Tue 11/17/2020 - 09:00
Breast reduction in Westlake

Many of the benefits of breast reduction are widely known, such as a reduction in chronic back, neck and shoulder pain, improved appearance and easier breathing. But if you are on the fence about undergoing breast reduction, it might help to consider some of the other, lesser-known perks of the procedure. Read on as Dr. Joyesh Raj reveals benefits of breast reduction you may not be aware of.

Easier to Dress Your Body

You are probably all-too familiar with the challenges of dressing a well-developed chest. It can be very frustrating to find blouses, jackets and dresses that fit large breasts comfortably and preserve some sense of modesty. You may need to shop at expensive specialty stores just to find bras in your size.

With more proportional breasts after breast reduction, finding flattering clothing is pleasurable rather than burdensome. You will be able to wear styles that you previously thought wouldn’t fit your body, and fit into standard size bras.

Reduction in Skin Irritation

When your breasts are very big, you may be prone to rashes or irritation of your lower breast skin and the crease where the breast meets the torso. After breast reduction, it is easier to keep the skin dry and clean, and you should see a significant reduction (or elimination) of the rashes and irritation.

Better Posture

You may be so accustomed to being top heavy that you don’t even realize you instinctually hunch over due to the weight and mass of your breasts. With smaller, lighter breasts, it will be easier to stand up straighter and walk with your head held high. Better posture projects confidence and poise, which can serve you well in virtually any situation!

More Active Lifestyle

Excessively large breasts interfere with the ability to live an active life. It isn’t merely annoying to jog, jump or exercise with oversized breasts — it can actually be painful or harmful, as the weight of your breasts affects your balance, endurance and mobility.

Breast reduction gives you the freedom to dive into exercise and other athletic activities that were previously inaccessible to you. You can train for a marathon, join a sports team or enjoy any type of aerobic exercise that you like!

Learn More About Breast Reduction With Dr. Raj

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