Will I Have Scarring after Facelift?

Submitted by Dr. Joyesh Raj on Wed 06/27/2018 - 09:00
Scarring after Facelift Surgery

Facelift has the incredible ability to make you look like a younger and more attractive version of yourself. By smoothing folds and creases, restoring youthful volume and recontouring the neck, facelift can turn back the clock by an average of 10 years.

As you consider your facelift options, it’s important to note the possibility of scarring. Any surgical procedure will leave some type of scarring. But scarring doesn’t have to be obvious. Some people scar less obviously than others, so your genetics play a role in how you will scar after facelift. Also, the potential for noticeable scarring is greatly reduced when working with a board certified plastic surgeon such as Dr. Joyesh Raj, who serves Cleveland and the surrounding areas. In this post, Dr. Raj explains how to minimize the chance of noticeable scarring after facelift.

Surgical Techniques to Reduce the Chances of Noticeable Scarring

A meticulous and well-trained plastic surgeon like Dr. Raj can take several steps before and during the operation to reduce the chances of obvious scars.

Careful Placement of the Incisions: Dr. Raj has a thorough understanding of how to place surgical incisions so that the resulting scars are as discreet as possible. Wherever possible, Dr. Raj places incisions in the natural creases of the skin, which helps to organically conceal scarring. He can also create the incisions around the hairline or in the folds behind the ear to ensure that scarring is not obvious.

Reducing Tension Placed on the Skin: Pulling and stitching the skin together too tight can put a lot of tension on the incision area, which can lead to more obvious scarring. Dr. Raj can use several techniques to avoid putting too much tension on the skin. For example, he can tighten the deep layers of muscle and tissue before closing the incisions, as opposed to simply pulling and tightening the skin.

What You Can Do to Reduce Noticeable Scarring

Although your genetics and the surgical techniques used are out of your personal control, there are certain things you can do to reduce your chances of noticeable scarring. Following all of Dr. Raj’s pre- and post-operative instructions is critically important. Keeping your healing incisions protected from the sun while you recover is also essential. Not smoking, eating a healthy diet and generally being mindful of your health can also affect how noticeable your scars are after facelift surgery.

To learn more about facelift and how it can rejuvenate your appearance, please call or email Dr. Raj today.