Why Board Certification Matters

Submitted by Dr. Joyesh Raj on Thu 10/25/2018 - 09:00

Board Certified Plastic SurgeonLegally, any licensed physician can claim to be a cosmetic or plastic surgeon, even if they have not undergone specialized training in the field. The only way to guarantee that your doctor is uniquely trained in plastic surgery is to verify that he is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Below, board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Joyesh Raj discusses why board certification matters.

The Certification Process

Doctors must go through many years of school and rigorous training before they receive their medical licenses. After they obtain their medical degree, they can pursue certification in their field to prove their skill in their specialty. Here is a brief summary of the certification process:

  • First, a doctor must complete 4 years of premedical study at an accredited university.
  • After graduating from a university, doctors must complete another 4 years of medical school to obtain their M.D.
  • A three- to seven-year residency training in their field of interest is required after medical school to be eligible for a medical license.
  • Once a medical license is obtained, a doctor can pass an elective exam given by the member board in his or her specialty field to obtain the board certification credential.

Up-to-date Credentials

Doctors who are board certified must not only prove themselves in their area of expertise after graduating, but also continue to stay up to date with board activities and conferences to maintain their credentials. This means that a board certified plastic surgeon will be familiar with the latest medical advances, and be able to provide the safest and most structured approach to plastic surgery. Continuing education is essential in a field where technologies are frequently updated.

Why Experience Matters

Once you’ve seen your doctor’s credentials and have confirmed that he or she is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, find out more about his/her specific area of expertise. Look for a doctor who specializes in the type of plastic surgery you wish to undergo. Ask your doctor how many years of training he or she had specifically in plastic surgery, and for how many years he or she has practiced plastic surgery since obtaining a medical degree. Before you trust your doctor with your body, make sure you are comfortable with their level of experience and certification.

Only a board certified plastic surgeon can help you decide whether plastic surgery is the right choice for your needs. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Joyesh Raj, call (440) 808-8030.