Common Liposuction Areas in Men vs. Women

Submitted by Dr. Joyesh Raj on Sat 04/28/2018 - 09:00

Liposuction can produce fantastic body contouring results for both female and male patients. It consistently ranks as one of the most commonly performed procedures among women and men.

However, there are some general differences between how the procedure is performed on women versus men. Here, Dr. Joyesh Raj explains some of the variances worth noting.

Common Problem Areas in Women

Although there are always exceptions, most women tend to carry and store fat around the hips and thighs — including the inner thighs — as well as the sides of the waist (i.e., the “love handles”). It can be very difficult for women to reduce fat pockets in these areas with diet and exercise efforts because they are simply programmed to carry fat there.

General Goals

In general, most female liposuction candidates want to look slim and toned, with defined curves. Many want to shape their waists, hips and thighs to achieve a desirable hourglass-like shape, with full breasts, a slender, narrow waist and curvy hips.

Problem Areas in Men

The stomach and love handles are very common problem areas for men, as many men tend to carry weight in their midsection. It is also common for male liposuction candidates to have excess fat in the breasts, which gives the chest a feminine appearance.

Another common problem area in men is the chin and jawline. A sculpted, defined jawline is an extremely attractive masculine trait and men with excess fat obscuring the jawline and chin can have the fat removed with liposuction.

General Goals

Whereas most women want to look slender and slim, men want to look muscular and sculpted. Although there are always exceptions, many male liposuction procedures involve removing small amounts of fat to enhance muscle tone and contour. A good example is a procedure that includes “high definition” etching of the abdominal and chest muscles.

Learn More about Liposuction

Regardless of gender, patients that are looking for great liposuction results should find a board certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Raj, who has special expertise in body contouring and performs liposuction frequently. Dr. Raj believes in customizing treatment to the unique needs of the patient.

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