When Should You Get a Mole Removed?

Submitted by Dr. Joyesh Raj on Sun 02/18/2024 - 09:58
Mole Removal in Westlake

Is it a mole or a “beauty mark”? What you call it is probably a strong indication of how much you like having it on your body. Moles are clumps of pigmented cells that develop on various regions of your body. Most adults have at least a couple dozen moles; however, just because they are common does not mean you like them. If you are displeased with having a visible mole, or if you are concerned about a mole being cancerous, you may be a good candidate for mole removal. Below, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Joyesh Raj discusses when it makes sense to remove a mole.

It Is Potentially Cancerous

If you have any reason to suspect that a mole may be cancerous, do not hesitate to see a doctor/have it removed. After all, skin cancer is rarely fatal when caught early, so dealing with a risk as soon as possible is your best recourse. A mole can be considered suspicious if it is asymmetrical, has changed in color or size, or newly developed after the age of 40.

Removed moles can be sent to a laboratory to check for melanoma — this procedure is usually covered by insurance. If it is also necessary to remove cancerous cell layers beneath the growth, Dr. Raj can perform a skin or tissue graft to ensure that your body looks as normal as possible.

It Is Uncomfortable

The position of your mole can be a main motivator in whether you wish to remove it. A mole on your neck or wrist may make wearing jewelry difficult, or a mole on your waist may become irritated when you wear pants. By shaving off an inconvenient mole in a quick and easy treatment, you can eliminate this annoyance from your life.

You Do Not Like the Way It Looks

You also do not need a medical excuse to remove a mole. Many of the patients that Dr. Raj sees for mole removal are doing so for purely cosmetic purposes. If a mole makes you feel less confident or less attractive, then mole removal is an appropriate choice.

Many doctors are willing to perform mole removal, but not all are skilled at removing moles in a way that avoids creating minimal scarring. As a renowned reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgeon, Dr. Raj has techniques to ensure that your appearance is enhanced by mole removal, and you have not simply exchanged one blemish for another.

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