What You Need to Know About Downsizing Breast Implants

Submitted by Dr. Joyesh Raj on Wed 01/23/2019 - 12:21
Downsizing Breast Implants

Women that decide to “downsize” their breast implants normally do so many years after their breast augmentation surgery. Occasionally, a patient will desire smaller implants almost immediately after surgery, but most women that want to replace breast implants with a smaller size do so much later in life.

It’s not that all of these women regret having large implants placed in the first place. Their choice to downsize usually has something to do with changes in lifestyle since the original implants were placed. Some women have children and find their implants get in the way of their active lifestyles; other women go through menopause and want more modestly sized breasts.

Whatever the motivation, Dr. Joyesh Raj is happy to help any patient that wishes to downsize her implants; he can help her attain a breast size that is more in line with her current lifestyle and personality.

How “Downsizing” Works

Prior to removing the original implants, Dr. Raj performs a thorough clinical evaluation of the patient’s breasts, and asks her to identify her ideal breast size and shape. Based on factors such as the size of the implants and the amount of natural breast tissue, Dr. Raj may recommend replacing the implants with a smaller pair or removing them altogether (a procedure known as breast “explant” surgery) without placing a new pair.

Is Breast Lift Needed?

Depending on the degree to which the patient wants to downsize, the position of the breast implants on the chest wall, and the elasticity of the breast tissue and skin, Dr. Raj may recommend a breast lift at the time of explant surgery. Patients that have gone through menopause are likely to have some amount of breast ptosis (i.e., sag) that needs to be rectified with breast lift — whether or not they opt to have implants placed. Even in younger women, the weight of large implants can cause the breasts to sag and the skin to lose some of its elasticity.

Replacing very large implants with a much smaller pair normally requires Dr. Raj to tighten the breast tissue and reduce the pocket in which the implants are positioned; otherwise, there is too much room for the breast implants to shift or rotate within the breast tissue.

It is always possible to exchange the implants and then wait and see if the results are satisfactory. If the patient is unhappy with the way her breasts look after downsizing her implants, she can opt for a breast lift later.

Schedule a Consultation with Dr. Raj

Patients that want to learn more about replacing breast implants with a smaller size can schedule a consultation with Dr. Joyesh Raj today. If you would like to view results from previous patients, visit our downsizing breast implants before and after photo gallery.