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Are you embarrassed by oversized or abnormally shaped ears? Do your ears protrude from your head to an embarrassing degree? If so, otoplasty with Dr. Joyesh Raj can help. Otoplasty, or ear surgery, is performed to improve the size, shape and position of the ears. It is one of only a few plastic surgery procedures that is often performed on young patients (i.e., school-aged children).

Our Talented Otoplasty Surgeon

Leading plastic surgeon Joyesh Raj understands the lifelong embarrassment and shame that stems from having a distracting or abnormal feature. He also knows that children can be cruel and tease each other about physical traits out of their control. As a solution to distractingly large or misshapen ears, Dr. Raj performs otoplasty on children, teenagers and adults. He prefers to treat young patients that are at least five or six years old, which is the age at which the ears typically stop growing and reach their full size.

If you are contemplating otoplasty surgery, you want to choose a knowledgeable and skilled plastic surgeon that has experience with the operation. Dr. Raj is a board certified plastic surgeon with many years of experience in facial plastic surgery. He has an eye for detail that is important in a procedure such as ear surgery. Dr. Raj’s warm bedside manner is another great quality that is critical to working with children. His littlest patients respond well to his patient, calm demeanor.

Dr. Raj appreciates the opportunity he has to make a difference in his patients’ lives. He is happy to use his talents to give you (or your child) a more attractive ear shape and greater self-confidence.

Better Ear Shape and Size

Otoplasty is tailored to your needs or the needs of your child. Depending on what makes you self-conscious of your ears, your otoplasty operation may accomplish the following:
Ear Surgery for Children in Westlake OH

  • Reduce oversized ears so they are more proportional with the head
  • Correct a congenital or acquired deformity
    • “Lop ear” – the top of the ear folds down and points forward
    • “Shell ear” – the natural folds or other features of a normal ear are missing
    •  Extra fold of skin
  • “Pin” or bring protruding ears closer to the head

Changes to the ear’s shape will not affect your hearing. What will change is the way you feel about your appearance. With a normal ear appearance, most patients experience a boost of confidence. Your child will no longer be subject to unkind nicknames from classmates and peers. You can wear your long hair up in a ponytail style without fear that it will bring unwanted attention to the appearance of your ears.

Schedule an Otoplasty Consultation

Do you want to save yourself or your child the embarrassment of oversized, misshapen or otherwise abnormal-looking ears? If so, schedule an informational otoplasty consultation with Dr. Raj to learn more about what the operation can improve. Call (440) 808-8030 today to make an appointment.


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